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Stirrup Leathers play a vital role in your safety and should therefore be well looked after.  Always keep them clean, soft and supple and pay particular attention to the area where they meet the stirrup irons. Checking the buckle stitching area regularly, will give the opportunity for early repair.

We recommend that you alternate your leathers from one side of your saddle to the other, on a regular basis, as the leathers used on the mounting side will tend to stretch slightly.

Initial Oiling:   ALL the leather parts of these items MUST be treated before use to condition the leather & protect the water based dyes used in the tanning process. Apply 2 - 3 light coats of blended neatsfoot oil sparingly with a brush on a ratio of 2 coats to the flesh (underside) of the leather to 1 coat on the topside of the leather, working into any buckle holes.

Please also look at our Fitting and Care Advice information.