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Sabre Spare Bridle Parts & Cordoba Spares

 Quality Handmade English Leather Bridle Spares from Sabre Leather Company

Cordoba, Finesse, Dortmund Spare Bridle Parts
Choose from our extensive range of spare bridle parts - ideal when fitting horses' who aren't 'made to measure'. Please note that our Metallic Motifs are only available on 16mm and 18mm Headpieces.

Sub Categories
Sabre Spare 5/8" Flash Strap
Sabre Flash Strap
New!! Cordoba Sensitive Padded Headpiece
New!! Sabre Cordoba Sensitive Headpiece. Upgrade your existing Cordoba Bridle. Beautiful design no Straps stuck on top all integral with very soft comfortable padding
Rhinestone Cordoba Double Row Browbands
Rhinestone Cordoba Double Row Browband