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Sabre Leather Neck Strap

Sabre Plain Neck Strap, Dressage legal neckstrap
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Initial Oiling: We recommend that these items MUST be treated before use to condition the leather & protect the water based dyes used in the tanning process. Apply 2 - 3 light coats of blended neatsfoot oil sparingly with a brush on a ratio of 2 coats to the flesh (underside) of the leather to 1 coat on the topside of the leather, working into any buckle holes.

Please also look at our Fitting and Care Advice information.

Please Note: this is NOT a replacement neck strap for a martingale

Plain leather neckstrap; a valuable training aid and useful aid for extra security for use by riders of all abilities on young horses or whilst hunting/eventing etc.  Sits higher up the neck than your martingale or breastplate, this unobtrusive strap was once frowned upon as being like "riding a bike with stabilisers", however the neck strap is now firmly back in fashion and sported by some of the leading riders in the world - see this interview with William Fox-Pitt:

From 2014, under British Dressage Rule #61, neck straps are permitted at all levels both for working in & for tests.

  • Stainless steel buckle
  • 3 Sizes - measuring from the base of the buckle to the end of the neck strap
    48" x 5/8"
    54" x 5/8"
    60" x 5/8" 
  • Black or Havana