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Keeping your girth clean, soft and supple will ensure comfort for your horse and give you years of use. With our  range of English Leather Girths, riders of all disciplines are sure to find one that will suit their needs. Whether you're a professional competitor or just simply enjoy riding for your own pleasure, we have a girth that can perform for you and your horse!

All of our girths are designed with safety and comfort in mind and feature the following:

  • Soft padded English leather in either Black or Brown
  • Designs to allow the horse freedom of movement
  • Available with both plain and elastic ends to suit the requirements of the rider
  • Stainless steel buckles for maximum strength
  • Triple layered elastic ends (where applicable) for maximum durability
  • Nylon lined buckle ends giving them extra strength and safety, where it matters most
  • Double stitched buckle ends using our technologically advanced computerised sewing machines for ultimate strength and longevity. 
  • Initial Oiling:   ALL the leather parts of these items MUST be treated before use to condition the leather & protect the water based dyes used in the tanning process. Apply 1 - 2 light coats of blended neatsfoot oil or other leather conditioner, sparingly with a brush, allowing it time to be absorbed, then wiping off any excess.

    Please also look at our Fitting and Care Advice information.

NB. Girths are Measured  Buckle End to Buckle End.