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The importance of a well fitting bridle is all too often overlooked and little thought is given to the fact that a poorly fitting bridle can have a great effect on your horses' comfort & well being.  The size of a horse does not always relate to the size of his head.

To Find the correct size for your Horse you will need to tack your horse up with a  Bridle & the type of Bit you use. Simply measure with a tape from where the Cheekpieces fasten on to Bit  over the head or Poll down to the same point on the other side.       Rough Guide F/S average 39"

Next, measure the distance from where the Cheeks fasten to the Bit up to the top corner of the Eye
F/S example would be 9.5" leather bend to bend.

Your browband should be measured from end to end with it sitting comfortable on your Horse not pulling the Bridle forward or raised proud off the forehead.

Nosebands should be measured from the Buckle to the hole you use giving the circumference of the Nose.

Armed with the above measurements, you can email or call to find the correct size for your Horse.

A correctly fitted bridle should have: 

  • the edges of the bit just wrinkling the corners of the lips
  • a browband that isn't tight & sits below the base of the ears without impeding them
  • a (regular) cavesson that lies clear of the jaw bones and has reasonable clearance 
  • the throat lash should also have sufficient clearance (2-3 fingers).

A well fitting bridle will have all of these basic elements, plus the aesthetic ones:

  • all the buckles should be aligned as equally as possible & lie on a line with the top corner of the eye - buckles shouldn't be by the horses ears or below the eye!
  • the browband should cover the top of the splits 
  • the cavesson strap should be the correct length & not stick out from behind the nose 

We understand the importance of a well made, well fitting bridle - we're horse owners & riders ourselves and our Company have been making bridles and accessories for customers all over the world for over 40 years.